Our Top “Must-See” Locations!

“Never See Come See” (adjective): Used to describe someone who is showing a comical curiosity upon seeing or experiencing something for the first time.

“Never see come see” is just one of many Trini sayings. It refers to someone who has never experienced something (that would usually be seen as an everyday experience), being absolutely thrilled and excited over being involved in it.

Never see_ Come see.While it’s often remarked in jest, at First Capital Apartments, we’re using it as a means of welcoming our guests. We’ve got a guide for you! We’re offering guests a few options close to our apartments, from which they can experience just some of T&T’s rich culture and eco-diversity.

So, you never see? Well, come see!

At First Capital Apartments, we’re proud to say that our guests are well taken care of, from arrival to departure. This includes guiding guests about what to pack, arranging free transport to and from the airport, getting a taste of T&T’s favorite food finds, providing complimentary welcome groceries upon arrival and now we’re handing you a guide to some of T&T’s “must see” locations, near to our apartments. It’s plain and simple: Forget the hassle and look no further!

Here are just a few places to add to your list of adventures, while you’re on our beautiful island.

Mount St. Benedict:

MSBIf you look north toward our towering mountain range, you’ll see a few structures trailing high above the other buildings. Majestic and mighty, the Mount St. Benedict Cathedral is the home of the Benedictine monks who live and work in Trinidad and Tobago.

Click the Map for Directions!

The property is approximately 700m above sea level, and from the cathedral, worshipers and visitors can get panoramic view of Trinidad’s Central Plains and on a clear day you can even see the San Fernando Hill (on the southern side of the island!).

It’s truly a unique location. Today, with its iconic clock tower, and brilliant red roofs, the Abbey consists of a Church, a Monastery, a Seminary, a drug rehabilitation center, a Yogurt factory, and Pax Guest House a place for retreat. The Abbey welcomes and draws people of all faiths seeking peace, solace, purpose, and fulfillment. Read more here!

The Maracas Waterfall

MWRMaracas Waterfall is Trinidad’s highest waterfall. It is just a short hike away from Waterfall Road in the lush, green Maracas St.Joseph Valley.

This hike is considered relatively easy and a great treck for beginner hikers or for those who’d like a bit of outdoor adventure, minus all the aches and pains.

Click the Map for Directions!

When visiting the Maracas Waterfall, tourists can feel free to drive to the Waterfall Road, park and start hiking! We recommend that on the way you stop at the Maracas Valley Police Station and let them know that you will be taking the hike. Just to be safe, regardless of if you’re going with a guide, it’s always best to let the authorities know.

maracas waterfallThe hike will take about thirty minutes and the trail crosses two gentle streams. There’s even an option to divert from the course and explore a small path which will lead to two beautiful Jacuzzi–like basins. If you decide to take any detours from the trail, please you do so with the assistance of a guide.

Along the way, melted candles, flowers and fruits can be observed lining the pathway showing testaments of spiritual worship. In Trinidad and Tobago, many religions are observed and practiced, so we always urge tourists to be as respectful and understanding as possible along the hiking trail.

The Caroni Swamp

CWVSThe Caroni Swamp is the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. It is also home to the island’s national bird, the Scarlet Ibis.

The Caroni Swamp runs along the banks of the Caroni River and contains numerous channels, lagoons with inter-tidal mudflats. The Caroni Swamp also contains fresh water and saltwater marshes and is also regarded as a bird sanctuary as it is home to over 100 species of birds native to Trinidad and Tobago.

At the visitor center, you can arrange for a tour guide “on the spot” – no pre-booking necessary. Most likely you’ll be able to hop onto a private tour and be part of a larger group depending on the size of your party. Click this link for a reputable tour guide!

The best time to go is around 4:00pm as most tour guides arrange for tourists to get a look at the Scarlet Ibis as they return to the Swamp for nesting. caroni-swamp-and-bird-sanctuary-Caroni-4Against the mesmerizing T&T sunset, you’ll be able to see the sky set ablaze by Scarlet Ibis as they return home for the night.

Tours will take you down the narrow channels of the Swamp and out to a broad opening lagoon, where you can get up close and personal with snoozing snakes and scampering hermit crabs, all under the swaying canopy of limber mangroves. You’ll be serenaded by the groaning vegetation, chirping of crickets and sicarders and the whistling of birds as they greet you.  An eco-tourist’s dream!

So there you have it! Our guide to a few “must see” locations near to First Capital Apartments. This is by no means all that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer – but it sure is a good place to start!

We hope to see you soon!