Zaboca Season: A Trini Obsession

All year long the eager people of Trinidad and Tobago wait for it. They dream of it, they yearn for it. Spending every waking moment counting the months until its time; eyeing-down every vendor’s table for those glorious green globes of goodness.

Its creamy, silky texture; its smooth, sultry taste. The perfect addition to any plate of pelau, layered atop warm toast, or on its own – chopped with a dash of salt and black pepper. It’s a wonderful season of parties in the street and birdsongs filling the air. Not to mention the long, lingering stares and instant envy when you realize your neighbour has a tree; or your friend got one from his aunty’s daughter’s friend’s grandmother because they didn’t want it to ‘overripe’ and waste. Don’t even say it – you had a zaboca and let it spoil!? You’re sure to be exiled from the island altogether.

Or the ‘piper’ in town who selling it for $50/lb and despite the instant gripe and ‘cold-sweat’ you get, you still buy it because ‘is whole year ah waiting for dis’! Forget Carnival – it’s Zaboca Season ah living for!

And you know, every Trini is an expert – on EVERYTHING. So be grateful! For once, every tanty, aunty and granny with stop hounding you about the ‘nice young man’ they have to set you up with and instead, for three months out of the year all you will hear is ‘wrap it in guardian paper’ because apparently it will ‘ripe faster’.

All of a sudden everyone’s life revolves around it. Trinis will eat, sleep and breathe Zaboca and if you didn’t know already: YES, Zaboca-Tabanka is a real thing!

Pssst – Check out our post about Trini Slang if you can’t keep up!

It’s a wonderful time of year indeed: Zaboca Season! And if you don’t like it – then you ‘muss be mad’. Bess yuh take ah LIAT plane to another island for the next few months because basically yuh just offend 90% of the island.

The Trini obsession with zaboca, or fondly known by many ‘in foreign’ as avocado, can be described as nothing short of complicated. Quite frankly Trini people fall into some kind of Zaboca Bazodee. Young boys scale walls to ‘teif’ from trees, friends and relatives start to hoard all produce they can find, relationships break up in fiery arguments on the street, people who you never thought would deceive you, start to lie through their teeth!

“Me? I have zaboca? No! That’s just a…really big lime”

Love it or hate it you can’t deny, all around the globe zaboca is a delicacy. It’s simple, yet so complex. The rich yet subtle flavour of our local zaboca makes this the best addition to any meal. Often Trini food can be laden with flavour and spice. Balanced by the zaboca’s  unique, mild flavour, it cools any meal, without overwhelming the taste buds. And let’s not forget its nutritious value!

So next time you’re on our little island look out for a tree. Buy one, borrow one, beg for one. You can’t miss out! Check out this Caribbean Recipe for Zaboca Choka, also known as guacamole or avocado dip (source: Caribbean Pot). Let us know what you think and share recipes in the comments on how you like to eat your zaboca.