House Rules


At First Capital Apartments we have a few Rules and Regulations that aim to ensure your safety while on our compound.

Emergency and Security

  • In an emergency refer to the onsite security or for a medical emergency call 811, for security related emergencies call 999 or, notify the St. Joseph Police Station at 868-662-4038, located at the junction of Market and Abercromby Streets, 100M east of the site.

Note that Emergency numbers are posted on the refrigerator of every apartment.



  • No servicing of vehicles, which could result in gasoline, oil, or grease spills on the paved area or grounds, is allowed.
  • No mechanical repairs, which require removing parts from the vehicle, are allowed.
  • Drivers and vehicles are required to have insurance and valid license.

Violating these rules may cause the vehicle to be towed and stored at owner’s expense.



  • Only one (1) vehicle is permitted for overnight parking per unit, regardless of the number of occupants of a unit.
  • All vehicles must be parked in designated parking.
  • Cars may not be continuously parked for more than five (5) days.
  • Vehicles not registered to tenants, or their guests may not be parked on the property.
  • Parking of large commercial vehicles, buses etc. on the property is prohibited.

Violating these rules may cause the vehicle to be towed and stored at owner’s expense.


Trash Enclosure – Recyclables and Garbage

  • All tenants and their guests are required to dispose of their own recyclables and garbage in the appropriately labeled Recycling Tote or dumpster.
  • Totes are clearly labeled as to what type of recyclable is to be placed in each tote. Please place all recyclables completely within the labeled tote.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down before placing in the appropriate bin.
  • Place all non-recyclable garbage completely within the appropriate bin.
  • Do not throw cigar or cigarette butts, garbage, and ash or waste over first floor railings or on walks, planted areas or on driveways.


 1st Floor Corridor and Railing Safety Guidelines

  • Children should be supervised at all times and are not be allowed to play in the first floor corridors for safety reasons.
  • There are to be no rugs, towels or other items draped over the first floor corridor railings.



  • Keep volume of TV or radio low especially if the apartment door or windows are open.
  • Quiet must be observed from 10:00 pm to 9:00 am, except for construction, which may start at 8:00 am.


Common Area

  • No debris, equipment, or personal property is to be stored on the Common Area.
  • Any unsightly debris, equipment or personal property within view of the Common Area is not allowed.
  • Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their children while they are in the Common Area.



  • Tenants are responsible for keeping a neat, clean and orderly appearance around their apartment, both front and back decks, entries, and areas around the property. Personal belongings such as children’s toys, sports equipment, furniture, tools, and other items should not be left in the Common Area when not in use.

Smoking and Consuming of Alcohol

  • It is prohibited to smoke or dispose of any tobacco-related products within the apartments. Smoking is only allowed in the designated Smoking areas. The Compound is designated as alcohol free and as such, no alcohol is to be consumed on the compound.